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Wind of Change –2018 keeps a lot of news for ETAS
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Spring is just around the corner, nature is changing and will soon blossom into new life. And a lot is new at ETAS, too. We report about our brand-new booth design at embedded world 2018, our move to a new building in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, and a recently concluded cooperation between ETAS Korea and a renowned research center. In addition, there are also news from our product and solution portfolio: Look forward to a technical article about HiL systems and the presentation of the ETAS Road Trip Generator.

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New test facility enables seamless E/E validation
The Bertrandt Group offers automakers comprehensive testing of all the components of a vehicle‘s electronic control system, ranging from test specification to ECU release. To facilitate this service, Bertrandt has set up a new test facility featuring high-performance HiL test benches based on ETAS LABCAR HiL technology. The facility offers test coverage of considerable depth and breadth and is designed to conduct E/E tests in an efficient, modular, scalable, and fully automated manner.
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Identification of RDE-compliant road trips for HiL tests
The ETAS Road Trip Generator (RTG) extracts route information from Google Maps® and Here® technology to create Real Driving Emissions (RDE)-compliant profiles for sim­ulations. Read about the tool’s development story, its advantages, and the add-on which was developed especially to find RDE-compliant routes.
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ETAS is moving
Effective April 1, 2018, ETAS GmbH will have a new address. Until now, ETAS associates in Germany – around 700 in total – have been based in four different buildings at the Stuttgart-Feuerbach site. The move will bring them all together under the same roof for the first time. This explains why associates like to refer to the new building as ETAS Home.
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ETAS’ new booth design impressed visitors at embedded world 2018
embedded world, the leading international trade fair for embedded systems, took place in Nuremberg, Germany, on February 27 through March 1 this year, attracting over 32,200 visitors. This year, ETAS and its subsidiary ESCRYPT had two booths at the event, giving them an exhibition area of some 250 square meters to showcase their products and services. Their brand-new booth design came as a surprise to visitors.
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ETAS Korea cooperates with Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology
On February 8, 2018, ETAS Korea signed a ”Memorandum of Understanding“ (MoU) with Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) for a cooperation in the field of automotive IT.
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Whether current technical articles, new FAQs, "How to…" videos, or information about upcoming events and trade fairs – on our Twitter channel ETAS_global you will always find the latest information about ETAS – concisely summarized in a maximum of 280 characters.

INCA Calibration in Stuttgart (German) – Ideal for beginners
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INCA – Advanced Calibration Techniques in Stuttgart (German)
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EHOOKS in Stuttgart (German)
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ASCET-MD Seminar: Modeling and Design in Stuttgart (German)
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AUTOSAR for Software Developers in Stuttgart (English)
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AUTOSAR Basic Software in Stuttgart (English)
Details · Register: July, 5-6, 2018

AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform for Software Developers in Stuttgart (English)
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SCODE Methodology: From Concepts to Code Generation in Stuttgart (English)
Details · Register: July, 9, 2018
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