E/E architectures

Development solutions for new E/E architectures

Tools, software and services for the challenges of the present and the future.

The megatrends of networking and automated driving call for completely new E/E architectures in which microprocessor-based vehicle computers (VCs) enable the fusion of previously distributed domains. Software based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Standard and the possibility of partitioning the VCs into virtual machines trigger a dynamic that will lead to new worlds of automotive software development.

The automotive industry is addressing this need for action with hardware from the IT and mobile communications sectors: Microprocessor (µP)-based vehicle computers (VCs) with high computing power and significantly more (external) memory capacity complement the existing microcontroller-based control units. ETAS already offers solutions for high-performance VCs.

Basic software framework for vehicle computers with AUTOSAR Adaptive

“Ready to go" platform software framework RTA-VRTE for POSIX operating systems and high Security requirements

At the heart of the ETAS solutions for Vehicle Computers is the platform software framework RTA-VRTE (Vehicle Runtime Environment) for µP-based VCs and software according to the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard. RTA-VRTE allows partitioning of VCs into virtual machines without mutual interference (Freedom from Interference) and integration of heterogeneous data and signal transmission structures based on POSIX-compliant operating systems.

With the ETAS Early Access Program, early starters can now dive into future methods and architectures. It is a complete "ready-to-go" AUTOSAR adaptive development environment that works with Linux or QNX operating systems. With this package, customers can implement AUTOSAR Adaptive systems in the shortest possible time and thus quickly gain valuable experience.

MCD solution for upcoming E/E architectures

Dynamic MCD interface for AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive applications in the field of Measurement, ECU Calibration, and Diagnostics

The transition from AUTOSAR Classic to high performance, AUTOSAR Adaptive systems is very easy for ETAS MCD customers. An "app" in the ECU and new INCA functionality allows application engineers to work in their familiar environment. The ETAS concept can be operated dynamically and is very flexible, which is an essential advantage in view of the current transitions in the industry. It can also be combined with AUTOSAR Classic ECUs.

AUTOSAR Classic solutions with ETAS RTA-CAR

Reliable basis for automotive ECUs with highest functional safety requirements up to ASIL D

For more than 20 years, ETAS has been developing basic software (BSW) for automotive applications that meets the highest functional safety requirements. This was again confirmed when TÜV SÜD reviewed ETAS AUTOSAR software development and concluded that RTA-BSW can be safely used in ISO 26262 ASIL-D applications.

The project was based on a number of different safety standards to cover passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks and off-highway machinery. The following safety standards were applied in the conformity assessment:

  • ISO 26262:2018
  • IEC 61508:2010
  • ISO/DIS 19014:2018
  • ISO 25119:2018

In summary, the assessment showed that RTA-BSW meets the applicable requirements of the TÜV SÜD Smart Software Program including the Functional Safety module. ETAS customers around the world thus have a solid basis for achieving high security standards – and can also count on local support from ETAS in numerous countries.