EHANDBOOK: Making Complex Control Software Easy to Understand


Software models that were developed as part of a study or dissertation are often passed on to subsequent students or employees. In such cases, it is very difficult and time-consuming to understand the extensive documentation of the control device software and thus to understand its complex functionality.


ETAS HANDBOOK is an interactive solution that makes it easier to handle extensive ECU software documentation.

The ETAS HANDBOOK solution consist of three components:

  • With EHANDBOOK Container Build, the software developer converts existing raw data such as ASAM formats, FSX, MDX, CCX, or function models from ASCET and Simulink® into an EHANDBOOK container.
  • EHANDBOOK Container Builds are offered as engineering services and adapted to the appropriate tool and process chain. The entire document of the control device documentation is stored in an EHANDBOOK container. Thus, the documentation can be easily handled, transported, and placed under version control.
  • EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR enables application engineers to work in a multifunctional and thus efficient manner. Thanks to this application, information can be found quickly, the complex relationships can be understood, and the application task can be handled efficiently.


Physical representations enable new students/employees to gain an understanding of the structure of control systems faster and more easily. Furthermore, models that typically have a hierarchical structure are more comprehensible and more intuitive. This can be applied to presentations and dissertations, for instance. In addition, the relationships between several functions that have been developed independently from one another can be represented graphically. This makes it easier for people starting out in the job to understand the functionalities of ECU software documentation, which are becoming increasingly complex.