EHOOKS: For the Faster Implementation of Ideas


The "time" factor plays an important role in the area of functional development for engine management systems. Due to the complexity of an engine management system, it takes several months for an idea to progress to functional testing. For students, however, it is important to develop their ideas in a short time, e.g. in the form of studies, and in particular to test the ideas.


With the EHOOKS software tool, control software for bypass applications is developed efficiently based on an EHOOKS capable control unit.

The EHOOKS user can place bypass hooks directly into the HEX and A2L files without knowledge of the software details. It is not necessary to access the source code or the software build environment of the control unit.

ECU transfers from EHOOKS are developed with the participation and support of the Tier 1 software development team.

This results in very high-quality control unit software hooks and easy handling.


EHOOKS significantly minimizes the time required for modifying the source code of ECU projects. Fast testing and adaptation of functions in the control unit are made possible without the software having to be regenerated, which is an important advantage – especially in the later in one’s career.