ETAS Academy

You thought your school days were finally over? Not quite... ETAS offers you lessons of a different kind. 

But unlike in school, you are free to choose which lessons you want to join in the subjects of autonomous driving, E/E architectures, and cybersecurity. Download the ETAS Academy timetable here [pdf] or click on the image below to enlarge it.

Design Drinking

Do you want to know how Design Thinking works? Every day, after the last lecture, you have the chance to learn this practically and with fun in our Academy! Learn about others’ vacation experiences and develop a creative drink to bring back their vacation memories. You will follow the typical Design Thinking approach. A taste at the end and the reaction of your counterpart will show you whether you have reached your goal. For more information about Design Thinking and User Experience at ETAS, our UX experts at the ETAS UX Lab are always available to answer your questions.