ETAS Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

In concert with our own, our customers' and other relevant stakeholders' expectations we set the standard for the quality, security and safety of our products and services. We measure our success by our customers' evaluation of ETAS Solutions. We enable our customers to build the best automotive software.

We maintain a reputation of reliability with our customers and partners through consistent, high quality product development, consulting & engineering and managed services. We work together trustfully. We build, maintain and further develop the relationship with our key stakeholders.

We strive for business excellence through outstanding quality and performance and avoid quality problems through the usage of prevention.

We regularly identify and analyze risks and opportunities at all levels throughout the management system, to reduce uncertainty and minimize risks as well as any kind of liabilities.

We use key performance indicators to help us measure our strategic and operational performance, just as we measure their effects on people, the environment and on cyber security management.

We continually plan, develop and check our competence, skills and processes and shape cross-functional and international collaboration based on agile and lean principles.

We enable creativity and innovation, we identify weak points and potential for improvement, and ensure the effectiveness considering the aspects quality, work safety, protection of people’s health, environment and cyber security.

In the case of a customer complaint or an upcoming quality issue in one of our products or services, responses are swift and collaborative. A root cause analysis is performed to ensure the origin of the issue is fully analyzed resolved.

Our suppliers and partners contribute substantially to the quality of our products and services. Therefore, our suppliers and partners must live up to the same high-quality standards we have defined. We form strategic and strong partnerships.


  • Maintenance
    We accept that our actions accord with the economy, the ecology, and the responsibility we take for the community at large, also with a view to future generations. For this reason, respect for people’s health and safety, for an economic use of resources, and for a natural and clean environment are basic principles of our business policy.
  • Processes & Roles
    We plan, design and check processes and assign roles to ensure that – wherever economically feasible – people’s health and safety have priority and that effects on the environment are kept to a minimum. We are prepared to cope with emergencies. This is also the spirit in which we cooperate with suppliers of goods and services.


  • Compliance & product safety
    We ensure state-of-the art development, testing and manufacturing to ensure the highest level of quality, security and safety for our products and services. We apply to the relevant standards, legal, regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Sustainability
    Our products and services are safe, eco-friendly and economical. They do not affect people’s health and safety negatively and are designed to minimize environmental impacts during their entire life cycle including recovery and disposal.
  • Objective
    We build mobility solutions to shape the mobility of the future with smart products and services considering the customers and organizational priorities.

It is the task off all associates to help prevent the endangering of people and the environment, as well as to maintain strict compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to work safety and the protection of people´s health and the environment. It is the responsibility and obligation for all of us to meet the expectations of our customers and stakeholders and to provide sustainable benefits.

Everybody prevents the endangering of people and the environment. It is a leadership task to recognize such dangers, to evaluate them and to undertake appropriate actions. We actively promote and support consultations on work safety issues with ETAS employees and, if available, their employee representatives.

As essential part of our Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Strategy our Integrated Management System (IMS) interlaces the information (ISMS) and cyber security (CSMS) requirements of our related products and services as well as our business processes.

We are aware of the information and cyber security's confidentiality / integrity / availability risks and the importance of consideration for health / safety / environment.

We observe them to ensure a company-wide information and cyber security standard can be achieved and sustained efficiently covering the whole product / service lifecycle and business processes.

We recognize the importance of information and cyber security road vehicles risks in the business and comply with respective regulations. Our management supports the organization to fulfill requirements of all interested parties and to continually improve the IMS.