ETAS User Experience (UX) Lab

Design Thinking? I'm an engineer, not a designer!

At ETAS, we use UX (User Experience) and the Design Thinking method to focus product development on the needs of our customers and users. Through professional research, we identify needs and address them with creativity and technical expertise to achieve a user-centric design of our products. To help you get acquainted with the new topic area, we offer you a short introductory presentation at our ETAS Academy. Or why not take part in our Design Drinking session to learn the process of Design Thinking practically and with fun.

This year, we have also set up an ETAS UX Lab in our #ETASbluebox for the first time to offer you the experience of participating in a user research session. Let our ETAS UX Lab surprise you with various surveys and user tests.

Here is a small insight:

We want to provide a successful first entry into the product SCODE-CONGRA and develop an onboarding help for future users. To determine the user needs for the onboarding help, our UX experts conduct a user test with interested visitors.