Images for Press

This section contains press photos in high resolution for your free use. Please refer to ETAS GmbH.

 The ETAS Board of Management
The ETAS Board of Management (left to right): Christopher White (Executive Vice President Sales), Friedhelm Pickhard (Chair), Bernd Hergert (Executive Vice President Operations)
Friedhelm Pickhard
Friedhelm Pickhard, President and Chairman of the ETAS Board of Management
Bernd Hergert
Bernd Hergert, Executive Vice President Operations
Christopher White
Christopher White, Executive Vice President Sales
Dr. Walter Schirm, Chairman of the ETAS Supervisory Board

ETAS Headquarter
ETAS Headquarter_Lounge_1
ETAS Headquarter_Lounge_2
ETAS Headquarter_Lounge_3
ETAS Headquarter_Lounge_4
ETAS Headquarter_Lounge_5
ETAS Headquarter_Lounge_6