ISOLAR-EVE: The Virtual Control Unit


Universities regularly cooperate with the automotive industry or work independently on the development of series vehicles that enable autonomous or highly automated driving. The systems required for this significantly increase the complexity of the entire vehicle. In order to master this complexity, it is important to validate and test the functionality of individual components and the overall system.


With the ISOLAR-EVE tool environment (EVE = ETAS Virtual ECU), ETAS provides a PC platform for the development, validation and verification of ECU software at the component, subsystem or system level. ISOLAR-EVE makes it possible for users to test AUTOSAR software, e.g. series control units, on a PC. EVE uses the AUTOSAR standard, also supports non-AUTOSAR software parts and enables a considerable productivity increase for many development steps through its flexibility and open interfaces:

  • Requirements validation through rapid prototyping and behavioral visualization
  • Early validation of the application software on AUTOSAR Virtual-Function-Bus level
  • Simple and fast testing of AUTOSAR software components
  • Controlled testing of the basic software stack including software component interoperability
  • ECU integration testing of application software and ECU services
  • ECU network integration tests with any combination of real and virtual network participants, including continuous integration throughout the development process
  • Simple debugging of ECU code


EVE accelerates software development through shorter coding, integration, testing and troubleshooting cycles based on a powerful virtual ECU environment on the PC. This enables early fault identification as an important component of efficient development.