LABCAR: Validation and Testing of Systems and Components with a Real-time System


Many different control engineering applications require a high-performance, versatile hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system, which can be easily and quickly adapted for specific applications.


The modular LABCAR hardware-in-the-loop systems from ETAS make an important contribution to quality assurance in the early development phases of ECU development. The basis for this is the targeted use of simulation using models. For example, the simulation of the driver, vehicle, engine, battery management systems, and the environment allows testing of the function or the diagnostic behavior of control devices in the laboratory.

In addition, testing of applications other than vehicles, household appliances for instance, can be carried out. Automated tests enable a high test coverage. Any situation can be reproducibly and extensively tested without causing any danger to the driver, the vehicle, or the developer.


Especially in research, LABCAR systems offer the opportunity to research and test applications such as battery management systems (BMS) at an early stage. The real BMS is replaced by real-time simulation models. This ensures the necessary safety and reproducibility during the simulation.