In order to keep up with the increasing complexity of vehicle ECUs, ETAS has rolled out a new version of INCA, its measurement, ECU calibration, and diagnostic software. Version 7.1 is extremely easy to use and offers greater performance.


Smooth rollout of INCA 7.1 – new version satisfies increasing requirements

“Most recently, electrification and preparations for the Euro 6 emissions standard triggered virtually explosive growth in memory requirements,” reports Hans-Juergen Schmidt-Fürst, Director of Global Customer Support at ETAS.

“Out of memory” is an error message that has often frustrated test engineers in the past. Nowadays, engineers must keep an eye on more and more manipulated variables when they pre-calibrate ECUs and undertake increasingly precise measurements and comparisons – and this means their software systems require more and more memory.

Version 7.1 of INCA, the ETAS measurement, calibration, and diagnostic software, optimizes the use of Windows resources in such a way that memory-related disruptions to the workflow now occur only in truly exceptional cases. This resulted in a smooth rollout of the new version.

“INCA V7.1 is a success with users not only because of the increased performance, they also value the optimized usability,” says Kilian Schnellbacher who supervised the rollout as the responsible product manager.

Hybridization, energy management, and more stringent emission limits are quickly leading to greater demands on automotive control. When it comes to pre-calibrating the latest ECUs to handle these complex demands, INCA is regarded as the tool of choice. INCA V7.1 offers much greater performance and usability than previous versions of the software.

Users recognized the potential of INCA V7.1 right away and are already exhausting the new possibilities. In order to respond to the users’ demand growth, ETAS will now be serving customers with service packs on a quarterly basis providing maintenance updates and additional INCA functions.