At ETAS, we can enrich your studies with exciting insights into the world of tomorrow.

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Discover ETAS as a student

ETAS can be an important part of your studies, just like the lecture hall, cafeteria, and library. Many universities use our products to introduce young engineers to the complexity of modern vehicles. Get hands-on experience with an internship. You can even write your scientific thesis paper with us.

Hands-on experience while you study: Options for joining us

From your first orientation to the day you get your degree: if you're interested in development solutions for embedded systems and the future of mobility, ETAS is the right place for you as a student. You can gain experience, get exciting insights into our company, and perform your assigned tasks independently. The perfect deal.

Your internship at ETAS

Become an intern and get a look behind the scenes at ETAS. We'd be thrilled to show you our world of development solutions and get you involved in our work.

A great opportunity to think outside the box. Find out what kind of work you enjoy, even before graduation. At ETAS, we can offer exciting professional fields with a future perspective. No matter whether you're looking for a mandatory or voluntary internship: You can contribute for up to six months.

What you can expect

  • Qualified support
  • Integration in everyday business
  • Teamwork, also virtual and international
  • New network contacts
  • Participation in seminars
  • Attractive compensation

What we expect from you

  • Basic knowledge of the respective subject area
  • Commitment and flexibility
  • Team spirit and social skills
  • Intercultural openness
  • Excellent grades
  • Excellent English

Your scientific thesis at ETAS

There's still a lot to research. At ETAS, we have the right subject matter for a bachelor's or master's thesis in a wide range of areas. Our experts will support you in your search for a suitable topic.

The possibilities and topics related to embedded systems are far from exhausted. We offer ideal conditions for writing an exciting thesis paper — for both bachelor and master candidates. We are happy to provide support. Once you've submitted your thesis, you've already got a foot in the door for your career — maybe directly at ETAS.

What you can expect

  • A current, exciting topic with practical relevance
  • Technical support from your personal contact
  • Orientation towards your later professional focus
  • Make contacts for your future professional network
  • Career opportunities after graduation

What we expect from you

  • Theoretical knowledge in the relevant subject area
  • Commitment and flexibility
  • Team spirit and social skills
  • Intercultural openness
  • Excellent grades
  • Excellent English
ETAS Young Professionals doing a workshop

ETAS supports universities

Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and connected. The earlier junior engineers encounter the new technology, the better. To support this, ETAS offers innovative products and solutions from our extensive portfolio. Perfect for practical use in lectures.

Associates in the gaming lounge

Hit the race track with ETAS

One year, one vehicle, one team. Formula Student is a great opportunity to expand your technical skills. Become part of a team! Working together, you'll not only build a vehicle for a number of races, but also develop a concept with business plan and marketing strategy. ETAS supports numerous teams from Formula Student as a main sponsor, with products, training courses, and test events.

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