Work Safety and Environmental Protection


We accept that our actions must accord with the economy, the ecology, and the responsibility we take for the community at large, also with a view to future generations. For this reason, respect for people’s health and safety, for an economic use of resources, and for a natural and clean environment are basic principles of our business policy.


It is the task of all associates to help prevent the endangering of people and the environment, as well as to maintain strict compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to work safety and the protection of people’s health and the environment. It is a leadership task to recognize such dangers, to evaluate them, and to undertake appropriate actions. We actively promote and support consultations on work safety issues with ETAS employees and, if available, their employee representatives.


We develop and manufacture products that are safe, eco-friendly, and economical. Our products do not affect people’s health and safety negatively and are designed to minimize environmental impacts during their entire life cycle including recovery and disposal.


We design processes to ensure that – wherever economically feasible – people’s health and safety have priority and that effects on the environment are kept to a minimum. We are prepared to cope with emergencies. This is also the spirit in which we cooperate with suppliers of goods and services.

Continuous Improvement

We review our processes and our behavior on a regular basis, just as we measure their effects on people and on the environment. This is how we identify weak points and potential for improvement, and ensure the effectiveness of our program for work safety and protection of people’s health and the environment.

As early as 2002, ETAS GmbH was certified according to the international standard ISO 14001 after the successful introduction of an environmental management system.

By implementing the ETAS principles of work safety and environmental protection, we emphasize our strong commitment to an active environmental protection.