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ASCET V6.0, ASCET V6.1, INCA V6, INCA V6.1, INCA V6.2, ISO 26262


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Functional Safety of Road Vehicles

Functional Safety of Road Vehicles

RealTimes 1.2010:

Functional Safety of Road Vehicles
Qualification of development tools as per ISO 26262

The long-anticipated functional safety standard, ISO 26262, is edging closer to replacing the generic standard for the functional safety of electronic systems, IEC 61508, as the binding standard for road vehicles. Published as Draft International Standard (DIS) in July 2009, ISO/DIS 26262 was approved on the internationa level in December 2009. It appears as if the automotive community does not expect any major changes in terms of requirements prior to the publication of the final standard, which is anticipated by mid-2011. Robert Bosch GmbH pursues the objective of releasing all of their new E/E systems in conformance with the new safety standard, relevant with its coming into effect. In light of the foregoing, and as an integral part of the company’s development processes, Bosch has already begun with the qualification of the company’s development tools as per ISO 26262. With support by ETAS, the tools belonging to the ASCET, RTA, and INCA product families, all of which are deployed in software development, are being classified and qualified for their particular deployment.