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CO2 Optimization of Injection Systems on the Test Bench

CO2 Optimization of Injection Systems on the Test Bench

RealTimes 2.2010_1.2011:

CO2 Optimization of Injection Systems on the Test Bench
CaliAV® deployed for hydraulics test bench automation

The optimization of internal combustion engine efficiency places the focus of automakers squarely on the injection system. In order to evaluate the optimization of associated components, it makes good sense to evaluate these under the same conditions that will subsequently apply to the entire vehicle.

At IAV GmbH, injection systems of internal combustion engines are evaluated on special component test benches with regard to their power consumption in a real-world test cycle. Thanks to the deployment of the CaliAV® software tool, the data collected during realistic vehicle measuring runs can be directly conveyed to the control systems of the component test benches. This facilitates the implementation of system evaluations at the component level. Access to the ECU in question is provided by the INCA measurement, calibration, and diagnostics tool from ETAS.

The CaliAV® software tool enables the user to standardize and automate the calibration procedures of ECUs and test benches. The user, following the intuitive guidance provided by the tool, does not require programming knowledge or skills. In practical deployment, CaliAV® opens the door to faster and reproducible results, facilitating, at the same time, analyses of injection system components in any desired test cycle.