Faster and easier to use in daily tasks

  • ASCET-DEVELOPER improves the user experience through fewer modal dialogues and simplified modelling interaction, making model creation up to 50% faster than with the previous version ASCET 6
  • New modelling concepts to make models easier to build, review and maintain
  • ASCET-DEVELOPER adds model types that allow simple shared changes for element properties, and allows the modelling of calculations in physical units and dimensions
  • ASCET-DEVELOPER can inline model code into the generated C code to make review and inspection simpler

Increased model quality & portability

  • On-the-fly model validation: models are analyzed in real-time, providing quick feedback without needing to run code generation
  • Better models through integrated quality metrics: ASCET-DEVELOPER automatically checks models for violations of McCabe cyclomatic-complexity thresholds
  • Harmonized graphical and textual modelling: graphical and textual models have identical behavior. And because graphical models are just a view on ESDL textual models, developers can see what it looks like in ESDL at the same time, simplifying communication between function and software developers and minimizing the risk of misunderstanding
  • Unified code generation for all targets: ASCET-DEVELOPER now generates target neutral, MISRA-C:2004 and MISRA-C:2012 conform C code. Porting models to new devices is no harder than setting two code generation options.

Designed for agile development

  • ASCET-DEVELOPER moves all model behavior into the ESDL language and stores this information as text files
  • ASCET-DEVELOPER has no binary database format and no XML workspace
  • Graphical models are just views on the ESDL text model
  • Diff and merge is trivial, version control is easy with any version control system and you can easily email models to colleagues


  • Graphical and textual software development
  • Automatic high-quality C code generation
  • Legacy protection: easy migration of legacy ASCET 6 models to ASCET-DEVELOPER
  • Interaction with design validation tools with an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment