Compatible Products


ASCET-RP is a rapid prototyping environment for ECU functions based on ASCET models.

Hardware Service Pack (HSP)
The HSP Hardware Service Pack facilitates an easy firmware update of ETAS hardware products.

INCA Software Products
INCA integrates a wide variety of ECU and bus interfaces and measuring devices such as the ES400 modules.

INTECRIO is a prototyping environment for ECU functions based on MATLAB®/Simulink® or ASCET models, C code modules, or AUTOSAR software components.

1: XCP-on-Ethernet


CBN40x – Isolating Measurement Probes
In combination with the ES411 module, CBN40x Isolating Measurement Probes are used to measure high voltages in hybrid or electric vehicles.

ES500 – ECU & Bus Interface Modules
The ES600 Network Module and ES51x Interface and Network Modules facilitate the synchronization and host connection of multiple ES400 measurement module chains.

ES600 – Network Module

ES900 – Prototyping and Interface Modules
Configured by INTECRIO, ES400 modules supply measurement signals to functions running on an ES910 Rapid Prototyping Module in real time.