Reliable Quality – Competitive Pricing

The DESK-LABCAR is based on the reliable LABCAR-RTPC technology with more than 10 years of experience in the market, allowing developers to rely on professional HiL technology at a competitive price. Its compact size also enables HiL testing in environments of limited space, e.g. for frontloading on-desk function testing.

Scalable for the Future

The comprehensive LABCAR hardware and software is fully scalable when requirements for test systems increase, while allowing the reuse of already created tests. This ensures investment protection for challenges of the future, e.g. when new legal requirements emerge, system complexity increases, or the scope of the test changes.

System Components

The basic DESK-LABCAR system is capable of open loop testing with a sufficient amount of input/output channels to cover many use cases, e.g. for the test of body control units, small engine control units or non-automotive applications such as household appliances. DESK-LABCAR is based on the ETAS RTPC and the Multi-IO Interface Board ES5340. LABCAR RTPC is the core of any LABCAR test system and provides multicore real-time simulation capabilities. The RTPC housing can contain 2 PCI Express boards in addition to the ES5340. The Multi-IO Board ES5340 is adaptable to many test scenarios. It contains 4 analog and 20 digital input channels as well as 8 analog and 8 digital output channels.

Operating Software

The DESK-LABCAR version of LABCAR-OPERATOR provides an experiment environment. Its workspace offers access to all interfaces of the ES5340 Board. In this way it is possible to stimulate the unit under test manually or with signal generators and measure or record the respective output signals.

Easy System Upgrades

The fully scalable DESK-LABCAR allows the extension of hardware and software depending on the customer use case and future development of test system requirements. The system can be upgraded with up to 2 PCI Express boards, CAN or LIN interfaces, or other I/O boards. An update of the software enables, e.g. the integration of ASCET, MATLAB®, or C models for real-time closed loop simulation, CAN/LIN/FlexRay restbus simulation models and individual hardware configuration as well as automation with LABCAR-AUTOMATION. Depending on the customer use case, further ETAS products can be integrated. Function developers can use ETAS RT2 in combination with DESK-LABCAR to perform functional tests of their model and software developments. With INCA and the ETAS measurement hardware, measurement and calibration of ECU internal signals is possible. ETAS Engineering Services offers additional customer specific adaptions. DESK-LABCAR is a compact, affordable and professional test system which grows with all your needs.