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INCAMDAFAQ / Use CaseIs it possible to convert multiple MF4 files to .DAT format using a batch job?

This document describes the batch file which is required to convert multiple measure files from MF4 to .DAT format.

INCAINCA V7.2, INCA V7.3FAQ / Use CaseWhy are the labels listed multiple times in a CDM N-Dataset comparison?

This document describes why are the labels listed multiple times in an N-Dataset comparison.

INCAMDAFAQ / Use CaseHow to Display the toolbar in MDA Oscilloscope

If the toolbar is hidden the button Show Toolbar is not visible. This article gives advise how to make the toolbar visible.

INCAINCA V7.0, INCA V7.1, INCA V7.2FAQ / Use CaseIs it possible to measure GPS data in INCA with a mobile phone

This article describes the measurement of GPS data in INCA utilizing a mobile phone app (Android).

INCAMDAFAQ / Use CaseWhy does the GPS tool display only a blue field instead of the expected map? Why does the GPS tool (since MDA V7.2 SP15 and MDA V8.4) display only a blue field instead of the expected map?

This document describes how the correct GPS data can be displayed in case of en exception with MDA V7.2 or MDA V8.4.

ASCET, COSYM, LABCAR Software / SystemASCET V7.0, COSYMFAQ / Use CaseASCET 7 FMU integration in COSYM HIL ASCET 7 FMU integration in COSYM HIL

How to integrate ASCET 7 FMUs in COSYM HiL (RTPC target)

COSYM, LABCAR Software / SystemCOSYMFAQ / Use CaseCOSYM tool coupling with Simulink COSYM tool coupling with Simulink

How to couple COSYM with a Simulink model

LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR EE, LABCAR-OPERATORFAQ / Use CaseEE Error when opening workspace EE Error when opening workspace

Opening of workspace and experiment of an LABCAR-OPERATOR project is not successful.

The following error message can be found in the Log window:
EE Error on loading plugin data: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an
instance of an object.

COSYM, LABCAR Software / SystemCOSYM, ETAS License Manager (LiMa), LABCAR-OPERATOR, LABCAR-RTPCFAQ / Use CaseLABCAR software and Windows Remote Desktop

How can LABCAR software be used with Windows Remote Desktop

INCAINCA V7.1, INCA V7.2FAQ / Use CaseWhy is the target server crashing by opening the INCA experiment with error and callstack message?

This document describes why the INCA target server crashes with a callstack error oll.dll.

LABCAR Software / SystemES5300, ES5340, ES5370, LABCAR SystemFAQ / Use CaseChecking Angle Clock Bus Connection between ES5370.1 Carrier Board and ES5340.1 / ES5340.2

How to check the angle clock bus connection between ES5370.1 Carrier Board and ES5340.1 / ES5340.2