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ASCET, StandardsASCET-MD, ASCET-SE, ISO 26262RealTimes ArticleDevelopment of Safety-relevant Systems

Development of Safety-relevant Systems

TÜV Süd certifies ASCET as Fit For Purpose

Effective December 17, 2010, international certification organization TÜV SÜD awarded ASCET the ”Fit For Purpose” certification for deployment in the development of safetyrelevant systems of Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) up to and including SIL 3 and ASIL D.

ETAS downloads, Multiple Familiesmultiple productsRealTimes ArticleDriving Innovation 2010

Driving Innovation 2010

ETAS, partners, and customers share information about the latest product and technology developments

Subsequent to a successful event in 2009, ETAS and Bosch Engineering, along with partner companies Mahle Powertrain and Kistler Instruments, invited customers to the Driving Innovation 2010 show at the Launch Pad, Donington Park, in late September 2010.

Multiple Familiesmultiple productsRealTimes ArticleETAS Innovation Forum

ETAS Innovation Forum

The ETAS Innovation Forum 2011 was held on February 16, 2011, at the Bosch-Zentrum in Stuttgart.

In today’s vehicles, software aids the implementation of innovative functions. Software deployment onboard the automobile imposes special requirements on functional software properties, reliability, maintainability, and reusability.

Multiple Familiesmultiple productsRealTimes ArticleFlexECU - Ideas in Motion

FlexECU – Ideas in Motion
Open platform for on-target system development

A major obstacle to innovation in the passenger and commercial vehicle industry is the limited availability of open, cost-effective, and production-ready electronic control units (ECUs) that facilitate the efficient development, implementation, and testing of new control concepts on the shortest possible timeline. Enter the FlexECU, a …

ASCETASCET V6.0, ASCET V6.1RealTimes ArticleFrom Manual Coding to Model-based Development

From Manual Coding to Model-based Development

Developing control software for common rail diesel engines in ASCET


Developing a common rail diesel control system in a university setting.

The physical control algorithm model in ASCET forms the backbone for all subsequent implementation annotations throughout the …

ES900ES930RealTimes ArticleI/O All-rounder: ES930

I/O All-rounder: ES930

Powerful and flexible

The new ES930 Multi-I/O Module by ETAS is a compact, rugged, and powerful measuring module featuring numerous
input and output channels. It is designed for a variety of applications in rapid prototyping, testing, and calibration.

ES400, ES700, ETK / XETK / FETK, INCAES410, ES420, ES710 / ES715, INCA V6RealTimes ArticleINCA Cruises at 80 Knots

INCA Cruises at 80 Knots

Calibrating engine ECUs in a common rail diesel powerboat

The project focused on adapting the Bosch EDC7UC31 electronic control unit (ECU) to a 6-cylinder inline common rail diesel engine. The boat’s twin engines are managed by individual ECUs that communicate in a master-slave configuration.


ES400ES411RealTimes ArticleIsolation Measurement Probes for High Voltages

Isolating Measurement Probes for High Voltages

Voltage readings throughout the high-voltage networkand on the main battery

Special protective measures are an indispensable prerequisite for measuring voltages throughout the high-voltage vehicle network of hybrid and electrical vehicles. With this in mind, ETAS has developed the measuring cables CBN400 and CBN401 for the ES411 module.

ES900ES910RealTimes ArticleLightning Fast

Lightning Fast

ES910 helps set a new land speed record


The Ohio State University was looking for reliable, expandable, and rugged control and data acquisition hardwarefor their flagship speedster – the Buckeye Bullet.

The ETAS solution consisting of the INTECRIO prototyping environment, the ES910 Prototyping and …

INCAINCA V6, INCA V6.1, INCA V6.2, INCA V7.0RealTimes ArticleMeasurement Tools for Fiat Car Service

Measurement Tools for Fiat Car Service

Dedicated on-site product training turns customers into expert users

Fiat/TeSeO & Product Support, a corporate department of Fiat Group Automobiles, has cooperated with engine manufacturer Fiat Powertrain Technologies in a project aimed at raising the level of service quality. The project’s objective was to improve the second-level support afforded to customers …

Multiple Familiesmultiple productsRealTimes ArticleNew Attendance Record

New Attendance Record

ETAS shows highlights at the world’s largest embedded event

It was again time for the Embedded Community to congregate in Nuremberg. On its three-day, March 1 – 3 run, embedded world 2011 counted over 800 exhibitors from 32 countries, who in turn attracted 19,022 visitors. A new attendance record, in terms of both exhibitors and visitors, was established