ES16x Compatible Products

The ES16x Automotive Ethernet media converters are compatible with any Automotive Ethernet device or bus. Using PTP frames according to IEEE1588, the ES16x modules allow accurate time synchronization of the system.

Updates via the Hardware Service Pack (HSP) from ETAS also ensure the future security of the firmware.

ES500 - ECU and Bus Interface Modules

ETAS offers the compact ECU and bus interface modules of the ES500 product family for connecting ECUs with ETK/XETK interfaces and for connecting the serial buses LIN, CAN, CAN FD, and FlexRay to the host PC. By connecting the ES165 to the FE port, the system can additionally access Automotive Ethernet data.

ES600 - Network Module

The ES600 Network Module is ideally suited for use in motor vehicles. It is the heart of the modular, Ethernet-based ETAS measurement, adjustment, diagnostic and prototyping system. The ES165 can be connected to the ES600 Network Module via the FE port.

ES800 – Measurement, Calibration and Prototyping System

With the modular hardware of the ES800 product family, ETAS provides a scalable system for validation, calibration and prototyping of powerful electronic control units.

The ES162 can be connected to the ES800 via the GE port and the ES165 via the FE port, thereby connecting the system to the Automotive Ethernet signals in the vehicle.