Compatible Products


Simulation models

LABCAR-MODEL product family

  • IC engine
    • LABCAR-MODEL-ICE (simulation model of internal combustion engine for HiL tests)
    • LABCAR-MODEL-ICESCU (SoftECU for internal combustion engine)
  • Vehicle dynamic of chassis and hydraulic system
    • LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN (simulation model of vehicle dynamic for HiL tests)
  • Battery
    • LABCAR-MODEL-BAT (simulation model of a lithium-ion battery for HiL tests)
  • Electric motor
    • LABCAR-MODEL-PMSM (simulation model of a permanent magnet synchronous machine for HiL tests)
    • LABCAR-MODEL-IM (simulation model of an induction machine for HiL tests)
    • FPGA inverter/PMSM model for ES5340
    • FPGA inverter/IM model for ES5340
  • Fuel cell
    • LABCAR-MODEL-FC (simulation model of a fuel cell system for HiL tests)
    • LABCAR-MODEL-FCCAL (simulation model of a fuel cell system for HiL-based calibration)
  • Vehicle, driver, environment
    • LABCAR-MODEL-VVTB (simulation model of a virtual vehicle test bench for HiL tests)