ES4000 / ES5000 – HiL hardware

For Hardware-in-the-Loop tests with LABCAR systems ETAS supplies a large number of hardware components to adapt the system to the requirements.

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please note that ETAS GmbH will no longer offer HiL-systems in the future.

As the product on this site is part of these systems, it is no longer on sale as of 30 September 2021.

Products already ordered will still be delivered until 31 May 2022. Software service contracts (SSP) can still be renewed for one year until 31 May 2023 and will then run until 31 May 2024 at the latest.

Extended hardware support, extended hardware engineering services, special agreements on on-site service packages or extended software and hotline services can still be negotiated until June 30, 2022 for a period even beyond 2024 as part of individual agreements.

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LABCAR system housing

ETAS’s ES53xx product family offers I/O and simulation hardware products such as housing, signal I/O, and loads for HiL tests. The PCIe-based system (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) allows users to flexibly build up a high-performance HiL system. The individual boards can be arranged in many different combinations within a housing, giving users maximum freedom when building and configuring customer-specific requirements.

Features of the ETAS ES53xx product family

Typical application of product family ES53xx

Compact real-time test system for embedded automotive ECUs

Thanks to their hardware’s open and modular system architecture, products in the ETAS ES53xx product family can be combined in a wide variety of ways in order to fulfill customer-specific requirements for a compact real-time test system for embedded automotive ECUs. The real-time test system comprises the LABCAR-RTPC simulation target and the LABCAR-OPERATOR configuration and operating software. The LABCAR-RTPC simulation target offers software for the PC-based real-time simulation of complex models with comprehensive options (quad core, etc.) on a standard PC.


Because all output channels have shut-off relays, they can be switched on and off individually. All input and output channels are voltage-proof up to ± 60 V. The individual and grouped channels are electrically isolated.

Intelligent signal processing

Intelligent signal processing is an efficient method made possible by local pre-processing of many signal values. These are measured locally on the ES53xx boards and pre-processed for subsequent rapid transfer to the LABCAR-RTPC simulation target for further central processing. How the signals are generated and measured depends on the battery voltage.

Direct connection between ECUs and signal I/O connectors

The signal I/O connectors in the ES53xx product family can be connected directly to ECUs, which means that there is no need for intermediate hardware products for signal conditioning.


Mechanical adapters

ES44xx Load Boards can be mounted in the ES5300 LABCAR System Housing in combination with the carrier boards ES5371, ES5372.1 und ES5372.1-B for the emulation of loads.

  • ES5371 – Carrier board for ES4435 current source load board
  • ES5372.1 – Carrier board for ES4455-based injector load boards
  • ES5372.1-B – 1 slot Carrier Board for ES4455.2 load boards



Break-Out Panels are breakout devices that make it possible to measure, modify, or manipulate signals on the ETAS LABCAR HiL testing system.

Fault Simulation

The fault simulation hardware simulates electronic faults for ECU tests in real-time environment.

Load Simulation

Load Boards offer the possibility to simulate various electrical loads in order to test the behavior of ECUs on a Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) system.