Ordering Information

Order Name Length Short Name Order Number
Counter and Frequency Module with Sensor Supply (4-CH)   ES441.1 F‑00K‑105‑785 F00K105785 F-00K-105-785
Optional Accessories for ES441
Analog Input Splitter Cable, Souriau 8ST12-35 - BNC (22mc-4x2fc), 0m3 0.30 m
0.98 ft
CBAV400.1‑0m3 F‑00K‑104‑916 F00K104916 F-00K-104-916
Analog Input Splitter Cable, Souriau 8ST12-35 - Open Wires (22mc-4x6c), 2 m 2.00 m
6.56 ft
CBAV411.1‑2 F‑00K‑104‑918 F00K104918 F-00K-104-918
Analog Input Splitter Cable, Voltage/Current measurement, Souriau 8ST12- 35 – Lemo 1B PHG (22mc-4x6fc), 0m3 0.30 m
0.98 ft
CBAV417.1‑0m3 F‑00K‑111‑855 F00K111855 F-00K-111-855

Custom cables can be produced according to your specifications. For more information on custom cables, please contact your local ETAS sales representative.

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