ES4440 – Compact Failure Simulation Module

The ES4440.2 Compact Fault Simulation Module simulates faults for automotive ECU testing in real-time environments. The module can be used stand-alone or in combination with Hardware-in-the-Loop test systems. It is built into a 19 inch housing with 3 HU, and can be mounted in a rack system. The module offers CAN and Ethernet interfaces for simulation control. LABCAR-PINCONTROL, which is part of the product, features a simple and user friendly user interface for manual operation of the ES4440.

Typical applications for the ES4440 include:

  • Software release tests based on standardized specification, such as OBD II
  • Debugging of diagnostics functions
  • Tests in a virtual real-time testing environment, such as a HiL system with LABCAR-RTPC
  • Tests on chassis dynamometer or stationary vehicle
  • Manual operation via LABCAR-PINCONTROL
  • Automated operation with LABCAR-AUTOMATION or other automation tools

Functions at a Glance

The ES4440 Compact Fault Simulation Module offers the following key features:

  • Real-time fault simulation
  • 64 high current channels and 16 high voltage channels
  • Simulation of loose contacts
  • API for customized system integration
  • Deployment for automated testing
  • CAN and Ethernet communication interfaces for simulation control
  • Supported faults:
    • Short to GND/UBATT
    • Pin to pin faults
    • Cable breaks
    • Leakage current
    • Multiple faults for short to GND/UBATT and cable break