Ordering Information ES44xx / ES54xx

Order Name Length Short Name Order Number
ES4435 Current Source Load Board (24-CH)   ES4435.1 F‑00K‑106‑163 F00K106163 F-00K-106-163
ES4455.2 Load Board (4-CH)   ES4455.2 F‑00K‑109‑651 F00K109651 F-00K-109-651
ES4450 Load Board for 4 RB CRS Injectors   ES4450.3 F‑00K‑109‑653 F00K109653 F-00K-109-653
ES4451 Load Board for 4 RB GDI Injectors   ES4451.4 F‑00K‑109‑652 F00K109652 F-00K-109-652
ES4456 Load Board for 8 RB CRI3-x Piezo Injectors   ES4456.2 F‑00K‑109‑951 F00K109951 F-00K-109-951
LABCAR System Component Generic Load Bench, Set of ES4408 Load Chassis and ES4408CON Communication Interface   LCSY_GLB F‑00K‑106‑151 F00K106151 F-00K-106-151
ES4457 Load Carrier Board for 4 RB CRS Injectors, VCC and VCA   ES4457.1 F‑00K‑109‑655 F00K109655 F-00K-109-655
ES4452 Load Board for 4 RB GDI Injectors, CVO   ES4452.1 F‑00K‑109‑654 F00K109654 F-00K-109-654
Load carrier Board (4-CH)   ES5455.1 F‑00K‑111‑358 F00K111358 F-00K-111-358
Load carrier Board for 4 RB HDEV5 Injectors, CVO   ES5452.1 F‑00K‑111‑363 F00K111363 F-00K-111-363
Load carrier Board for 4 RB CRI2x Injectors, VCC   ES5457.1 F‑00K‑111‑365 F00K111365 F-00K-111-365
Load carrier Board for 4 RB HDEV6 Injectors, CVO   ES5453.1 F‑00K‑111‑364 F00K111364 F-00K-111-364
Load carrier Board for 4 RB PFI EV14 Injectors, CVO   ES5458.1 F‑00K‑111‑366 F00K111366 F-00K-111-366
Load carrier Board for 4 RB CRI2x Injectors   ES5450.3 F‑00K‑111‑359 F00K111359 F-00K-111-359
Load carrier Board for 4 RB HDEV5 Injectors   ES5451.4 F‑00K‑111‑362 F00K111362 F-00K-111-362

Custom cables can be produced according to your specifications. For more information on custom cables, please contact your local ETAS sales representative.

Ordering Information ES53xx

For ordering information on the ES53xx products, please refer to the ES53xx product family pages.