The FETK ECU and Bus Interface modules ES891 and ES892 for highest demands.

High-performance acquisition of ECU data

The FETK records data of the ECU in the vehicle or at the test bench via a microcontroller interface and transfers the data to the ES89x module. From there, these data together with data from other sources are transferred to a PC, laptop, or data logger, where the data are processed online in the host environment, e.g., in INCA. In doing so, the data is transported during the complete distance from FETK to the host computer via Gigabit Ethernet. Via the same transmission path parameters can be changed in the ECU by the user or by an automation preferably with INCA or INCA-MCE (Measurement and Calibration Embedded).

If there are more than two ECUs in the vehicle equipped with a FETK interface, several ES89x modules can be combined with each other. These modules can be stuck by means of a plug-in mechanism, whereby the modules are automatically electrical linked and synchronized with each other without cables.

Open and compliant with standards

The ES891/ES892 modules’ time synchronization conforms to the IEEE1588 standard, facilitating easy integration into heterogeneous test setups and automation solutions with a central clock. The time-stamp accuracy of the recorded data is better than 1 µs.

The collected data are bundled and transmitted to a host computer, e.g., a PC, laptop, or data logger via Gigabit Ethernet at a rate of up to 120 MB/s – in other words, the line speed. Over this connection, applications can communicate with an FETK or XETK ECU via the standardized XCP-on-Ethernet protocol. ETAS has made C libraries available for complete integration of the ES89x modules into other tools.