Ordering Information

Order Name Length Short Name Order Number
CAN Module (2-CH)   ES921.1 F‑00K‑105‑672 F00K105672 F-00K-105-672
CAN Interface Cable, Lemo 1B FGC - 2xDSUB (8mc-9fc+9mc), 2 m 2,00 m
6,56 ft
K106 F‑00K‑001‑271 F00K001271 F-00K-001-271
CAN 120 Ω Termination Resistor, 2xDSUB (9fc+9mc)   CBCX131.1‑0 F‑00K‑103‑786 F00K103786 F-00K-103-786
Optional Accessories
CAN Connection
CAN Interface Y-Cable, Lemo 1B FGC - Lemo 0S PCA - LEMO 0S FFA (8mc- 2fc+2mc) , 2 m 2,00 m
6,56 ft
K107 F‑00K‑001‑272 F00K001272 F-00K-001-272
CAN Interface Y-Cable, DSUB - DSUB - DSUB (9fc-9fc+9 mc), 2 m 2,00 m
6,56 ft
AS_K95 F‑00K‑000‑384 F00K000384 F-00K-000-384
CAN Interface Cable, DSUB – Lemo 0S FFA (9fc-2mc), 3 m 3,00 m
9,84 ft
CBAC130‑3 F‑00K‑103‑780 F00K103780 F-00K-103-780
CAN ECU Adapter Cable, DSUB - Lemo 2B FGG (9fc-10mc), 3 m 3,00 m
9,84 ft
CBAC140.1‑3 F‑00K‑103‑783 F00K103783 F-00K-103-783
CAN Interface Cable, DSUB – DSUB (9fc-9mc), 2 m 2,00 m
6,56 ft
CBCX130‑2 F‑00K‑103‑784 F00K103784 F-00K-103-784
CAN Interface Cable, OBDII J1962 - Lemo 1B FGC (16mc-8mc), 2.5 m 2,50 m
8,20 ft
CBAC150‑2m5 F‑00K‑104‑159 F00K104159 F-00K-104-159

Custom cables can be produced according to your specifications. For more information on custom cables, please contact your local ETAS sales representative.