ESCRYPT Fuzz testing service

"How to reduce bugs before release and in carry over software?"

"Where are the open vulnerabilities in my embedded system?"

"How can I address insecure and undefined behavior and crashes?"

Unmask the hidden security risks of your embedded system

A powerful testing technique to check software and system robustness is fuzzing. It is used to test how a target system reacts to randomly generated invalid or unexpected inputs.

ETAS’ security testing experts are very familiar with fuzz testing of embedded systems. They have already discovered weak points and implementation errors in numerous customer projects – up to and including the sudden crash of safety-relevant ECUs.

Experts for automotive security tests

  • Commercially available and in-house fuzzers for automotive and OEM specific specifications, such as UDS and J1939
  • In-house R&D including several patents
  • Support of system level and Software in the Loop (SiL) fuzz testing
  • ECU reponse monitoring on several layers (protocol specific, amperage, power cycles, camera detection, ...)
  • We align our testing portfolio with all major OEMs to cover their fuzz testing requirements

Fast, informative and reliable test results

Pre-notification of findings and comprehensive report with management summary, carried out tests, list of findings with severity assessment and suggested mitigations.

All relevant protocols & applications supported

ESCRYPT fuzz testing service by ETAS is available for CAN based protocols, Ethernet based protocols (TCP,TLS, etc), automotive connected ECUs protocols (WIFI, BT, USB, etc.) and many more.

Please contact us for a full list, covering more than 40 protocols!