ESCRYPT Implementation support

"How can I implement security requirements? "

"Where can I get the right security software for my product?"

"How can I adapt existing modules?"

The right embedded security applications for your product

After conducting a security analysis and drawing up a security design, the next step is the practical implementation of security applications in the embedded system.

ETAS is well versed in the special requirements of embedded systems – for instance low bandwidth, low energy consumption, or short response times – and can help you incorporate existing security applications. If none of the existing products is practical, then ETAS will develop custom software for you that complies with tried and trusted security standards.

Professional security applications for every embedded system

High-performance implementation or lightweight security?

ETAS’ expertise ranges from high-performance implementation for public key infrastructures and symmetric algorithms to lightweight security applications that require especially little in the way of resources.

Experts in numerous platforms

ETAS has a wealth of experience in a remarkable range of platforms, such as 8-bit microprocessors, AVR, ARM 7/9, DSP, Intel, and PPC. It is also an expert in smartcard programming, for example with the JCOP and CardOS operating systems.

Security applications – tested and proven a million times

For more than ten years, ETAS’ security applications have proven successful in countless products. These include standard applications, such as ESCRYPT CycurLIB, as well as customized solutions.