Modern product development relies on testing in early phases of development. Detecting and correcting errors at this stage avoids high follow-up costs and delays in subsequent development steps. But it is not always possible or desirable to test real vehicle components. Often, test components are not available or critical operating conditions are difficult to recreate. Therefore, testing is conducted using hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems with simulation models taking the place of real components. This makes testing safe and reproducible – even in limit ranges.

Simulation Model of Virtual Vehicle Test Bench for HiL Tests

The LABCAR-MODEL portfolio comprises simulation models of the IC engine, lithium-ion battery for vehicle propulsion, electric motor, fuel cell, and vehicle dynamics, as well as the vehicle, driver, and environment.

The ETAS LABCAR test system offers a comprehensive solution for all kinds of vehicle ECU tests. As an open system, it can be tailored to every customer preference and to changing requirements thanks to LABCAR-RTPC, its PC-based simulation target.

ETAS LABCAR-MODEL-VVTB is a simulation model of a virtual vehicle test bench for HiL tests. It simulates a vehicle, its driver, and its surroundings. This is the basis for testing of a virtual vehicle.

The model is focused on the following major application areas:

  • Simple configuration and carrying out of tests on the virtual vehicle test bench, including virtual test drives
  • Cross-domain ECU testing and validation (cross-domain simulation)
  • Testing of ECUs in conjunction with real ECUs and intelligent residual bus simulation

LABCAR-MODEL-VVTB is a modular system and can be expanded using the following simulation models from the LABCAR-MODEL family:

  • Internal combustion engines
    • LABCAR-MODEL-ICE (simulation model of an internal combustion engine for HiL tests)
  • Vehicle dynamics of chassis and brake hydraulics
    • LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN (simulation model of vehicle dynamics behavior for HiL tests)
  • Batteries
    • LABCAR-MODEL-BAT (simulation model of a lithium-ion battery for HiL tests)
  • Electric motors
    • LABCAR-MODEL-PMSM (simulation model of a permanent magnet synchronous motor for HiL tests)
  • Fuel cells
    • LABCAR-MODEL-FC (simulation model of a fuel cell system for HiL tests)
    • LABCAR-MODEL-FCCAL (simulation model of a fuel cell system for HiL-based calibration)

Thanks to its open architecture, the model can of course integrate third-party models.

Typical applications

  • Cross-domain ECU testing and validation
  • Simple configuration and carrying out of virtual test drives
  • Testing of ECUs in conjunction with intelligent residual bus simulation
  • Integration of ETAS and third-party simulation models


  • Robust, field-tested models: many years of experience with real-time capable models for HiL applications
  • Scalability: model platform can be combined with all ETAS simulation models in the LABCAR-MODEL product family and with third-party models
  • For execution on a single simulation target or highly parallel execution on the various LABCAR-RTPCs in a NETWORK-LABCAR network HiL system for maximum simulation speed
  • Open implementation in Simulink® for maximum transparency

ETAS offers hardware, software, and models as well as engineering services for customization and expert consulting, all from a single source.