Simulation Models of Vehicle Dynamics Behavior for HiL Tests


The ETAS LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN simulation model contains the following components:

The chassis model simulates longitudinal and lateral dynamics using 9 rigid bodies consisting of the chassis, 4 wheel carriers, and 4 wheels. It is possible to expand the model to include a trailer with either one or two axles.

For the tire models, two different standards are available:

  • MF Tyre 5.2 (Magic Formula)
  • HSRI (Highway Safety Research Institute).

The scope of delivery for LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN encompasses a standard parameter set for MF Tyre 5.2 and validated data sets of various tire types for the HSRI model.

The vehicle with its surroundings can be parameterized using the OpenDRIVE standard. In this way, existing road specifications can be reused in simulations. OpenDRIVE permits the segmental definition of roadway geometries and friction coefficients.

A driver model rounds out LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN.

LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN includes an open-source framework for the easy definition of maneuvers, a basic prerequisite for the efficient definition of vehicle-dynamics scenarios. In the simulation, reactions can be triggered based on the time or events (e.g. turn steering wheel when target speed is reached).

LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN also offers a catalog of predefined maneuvers, which provide an easy entry point into the testing of vehicle-dynamics ECUs. The catalog contains the required maneuvers for homologation as per the standard ECE R13-H.


The LABCAR-MODEL-BKHD braking-hydraulics model is preconfigured as an X brake circuit (diagonal dual-circuit brake), II brake circuit (two-wheel brake system), and Xinv brake circuit (inverted diagonal dual-circuit brake). The model is made up of the following brake components, among others:

  • Accumulator (A)
  • High-pressure shut-off valve (HSV)
  • Pump with pump motor
  • Switch-over valve
  • Intake valve (IV)
  • Exhaust valve (EV)

Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to replace or adapt individual components in the braking-hydraulics model. The model has to be ordered separately under the name LABCAR-MODEL-BKHD.