The tool chain that makes automating HiL testing more efficient than ever before.

At a Glance

  • Role-based development, management, and execution of automated tests on HiL systems.
  • Powerful .NET©-based programming library facilitates reusable independent of the test bench.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical test design.
  • Advanced test variant management for maximizing test efficiency.

The open and modular tool environment comprises multiple components and add-ons for meeting criteria at all stages of the testing process.

Based on the powerful programming library, test creation offers maximum flexibility and bundles all the various interfaces of the tool environment provided. The library includes diverse functionalities for stimulating the unit during the test, evaluating the measurement results, and automatically creating test reports. Furthermore, a graphical test development tool offers a simple way to create test cases without programming.

A configuration assistant and various manual editing programs are available to assist with test configuration. As soon as the test environment configuration has been created, it can be made available for use by other test engineers.

Expanded test management concepts make it possible to achieve additional efficiency. Testing activities allow you to combine a number of test cases for bundled execution. Support for different variants of the test unit and parameterization of tests facilitates the creation of test cases with high reuse value.

During test execution, LABCAR-AUTOMATION automatically configures, starts, tests, and closes the required tools provided. This relieves the user of a time-consuming, error-prone task in an automated and replicable way, and helps increase the use of existing test cases.

Test reports ensure that their own documentation is recorded, making a detailed analysis possible later. The automatically generated test report summarizes all of the relevant information from the test and is available in HTML or PDF format, which makes it easy to send the report to users who do not have LABCAR-AUTOMATION.

Depending on the product package, LABCAR-AUTOMATION already contains many add-ons for a variety of tools, such as ETAS LABCAR-OPERATOR and ETAS INCA (see Details).