ETAS LABCAR-OPERATOR is a modular and open software for interactive tests of ECUs in laboratory. It serves as LABCAR's user interface, operating not only the creation of experiments but also their subsequent execution. The software runs on a standard PC.

Configuration and Experiment Environment for HiL Testing

LABCAR-OPERATOR has two separate user interfaces. One for configuring the HiL test bench setup and one for design and control of the experiment. These two user interfaces are called Integration Platform and Experiment Environment, respectively. This separation provides clearly structured and customized operating concepts for both configuration tasks and user control.

LABCAR-OPERATOR comes with a consistent and ergonomically designed operating concept with a contemporary look and feel. With the major emphasis on user-specific adaptability, only a few simple steps are needed to increase productivity by adapting the experiment environment to individual requirements. In addition, to achieve a clearly organized display of the various elements of experiment information, instruments such as the "Compact Value List" and "Full Screen View" are available.


  • Software for interactive tests of ECUs in laboratory
  • Configuration of the HiL systems previous to the ECU test


  • Modular and open software for interactive in-lab testing of ECUs by means of the LABCAR HiL testing system.
  • Individually configurable user interface for experiment design and execution and control with unmatched usability
  • Provides open interfaces for automated testing
  • Easily interfaces with standard ECU development tools (e.g. MATLAB®/Simulink®, ASCET, INCA, C code)