The progress in the PC technology offers a constant performance enhancing at low costs. An example is the introduction of multicore PCs.

The PC based concept of LABCAR-RTPC enables to expand processing power easily and cost-efficient and thus to adapt the development of the PC technology. Multitarget and multicore applications ensure an almost unlimited processing power for high simulation rates at simultaneous recording of big data amounts. This ensures a high security of investment with an excellent cost/performance ratio over the whole runtime of the system.

Features and Benefits

  • Long-term investment protection – modular system facilitates economic performance improvements through the exchange of single components
  • Distribution of computing tasks over multiple processor cores, along with the simultaneous reduction of latency fluctuations, results in increase of computing power
  • Real-time plug-ins enable:
    • Online data analysis during the experiment
    • Exact timing and generation of internal events and external commands
    • Variant-dependent set-up of test cases
    • Reduction of compile times
  • Affordable Reflective Memory Boards for optional connection to any open PC-based systems
  • Supports bi-directional CAN bus traffic to and from IXXAT CAN Boards (by HMS)
  • Supports FlexRay-PCI Interface Cards EB5100 (PCI/PCIe) and EB5200 (PCIe) (by Elektrobit)
  • Open standard I/O interfaces, such as PCI, PCIe, Ethernet, etc.
  • Access to full range of modular LABCAR I/O hardware
  • Compatible with all prevalent simulation models (e.g., ETAS, TESIS DYNAware, Gamma Technologies’ GT-POWER, MATLAB®/Simulink®)
  • Web interface for user-friendly configuration, installation, and status information queries
  • Robust file system
  • For deployment with Model-in-the-Loop (MiL), Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) and combination Hardware-in-the-Loop and Measurement and Calibration (HiL & MC) applications