Testing, validating, and calibrating ECUs with the ETAS LABCAR-MODEL product family

The LABCAR-MODEL portfolio comprises simulation models of the combustion engine, transmission, lithium-ion battery for the powertrain, electric motor, fuel cell, vehicle dynamics and vehicle, driver, and surroundings

The comprehensive LABCAR-MODEL portfolio includes engineering services for customer-specific adaptation and services for commissioning models in closed-loop operation.

Internal combustion engines
Simulation model of gasoline, diesel, and CNG combustion engines for testing, validating, and calibrating ECUs

  • LABCAR-MODEL-ICE (simulation model of an internal combustion engine for HiL tests)
  • LABCAR-MODEL-ICESCU (SoftECU for an internal combustion engine)

Simulation model of mechanical and hydraulic components of an automatic transmission (AT), dual-clutch transmission (DCT), or continuously variable transmission (CVT)

  • LABCAR-MODEL-AT (simulation model of an automatic transmission drivetrain for HiL tests)
  • LABCAR-MODEL-DCT (simulation model of a dual clutch transmission drivetrain for HiL tests)
  • LABCAR-MODEL-CVT (simulation model of a continuously variable transmission drivetrain for HiL tests)

Vehicle dynamics of chassis and brake hydraulics

  • LABCAR-MODEL-VDYN (simulation model of vehicle dynamics behavior for HiL tests)

Simulation models of lithium-ion battery packs with electrical and thermal simulation of individual cells

  • LABCAR-MODEL-BAT (simulation model of a lithium-ion battery for HiL tests)

Electric motors
Simulation models of PMSM and IM motors (synchronous and asynchronous motors).

  • LABCAR-MODEL-PMSM (simulation model of a permanent magnet synchronous motor for HiL tests)
  • LABCAR-MODEL-IM (simulation model of an induction motor for HiL tests)
  • FPGA inverter/PMSM model for ES5340
  • FPGA inverter/IM model for ES53400

Fuel cells
Simulation model of a complete PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell system with stack and peripherals

  • LABCAR-MODEL-FC (simulation model of a fuel cell system for HiL tests)
  • LABCAR-MODEL-FCCAL (simulation model of a fuel cell system for HiL-based calibration)

Complete vehicles
Simulation model of a vehicle, its environment, and the driver for embedding LABCAR-MODEL simulation models in a complete vehicle simulation.

  • LABCAR-MODEL-VVTB (simulation model of a virtual vehicle test bench for HiL tests)







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