LABCAR Software Products

The use of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) systems require software products for various purposes. These include configuration and administration of the HiL system, real-time computation on simulation targets, operation during manual testing, and execution of automated tests. LABCAR software is easy-to-use and reliable, increasing the user's efficiency.

Dear visitor,

please note that ETAS GmbH will no longer offer HiL-systems in the future.

As the product on this site is part of these systems, it is no longer on sale as of 30 September 2021.

Products already ordered will still be delivered until 31 May 2022. Software service contracts (SSP) can still be renewed for one year until 31 May 2023 and will then run until 31 May 2024 at the latest.

Extended hardware support, extended hardware engineering services, special agreements on on-site service packages or extended software and hotline services can still be negotiated until June 30, 2022 for a period even beyond 2024 as part of individual agreements.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The LABCAR product family comprises the following products:

The LABCAR-OPERATOR software serves as the user interface for LABCAR – not only for the pre-configuration procedures but also for experiment design and execution. LABCAR operating software is running on every Microsoft Windows® standard PC.

The PC based simulation target calculates the models in real time.

The modular LABCAR tool concept allows tailoring and adaptation of the HiL system to specific needs. Open interfaces enable the integration with various other tools, for example for test design, modeling, measurement & calibration and diagnostics.