LABCAR Software Products

The use of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) systems require software products for various purposes. These include configuration and administration of the HiL system, real-time computation on simulation targets, operation during manual testing, and execution of automated tests. LABCAR software is easy-to-use and reliable, increasing the user's efficiency.

The LABCAR product family comprises the following products:

The LABCAR-OPERATOR software serves as the user interface for LABCAR – not only for the pre-configuration procedures but also for experiment design and execution. LABCAR operating software is running on every Microsoft Windows® standard PC.

The PC based simulation target calculates the models in real time.

The LABCAR-AUTOMATION software provides for extensive test automation. It facilitates the economical and reproducible testing of safety-critical or time-intensive tests, such as OBD tests, e.g., in situations calling for the fulfillment of product liability requirements.

The modular LABCAR tool concept allows tailoring and adaptation of the HiL system to specific needs. Open interfaces enable the integration with various other tools, for example for test design, modeling, measurement & calibration and diagnostics.