LABCAR system components are designed to be integrated with DVE models implemented in MATLAB®/Simulink®. These can be third party models or in-house developments.

LABCAR system components require only limited effort for project engineering in order to customize a HiL solution, and they simplify the initial set-up, configuration and maintenance of HiL solutions. LABCAR system components establish a product platform well suited for partnerships with companies offering engineering services.

Typical engineering tasks to build an operational HiL solution with LABCAR system components include the development of the wiring between Connector and Breakout Box and ECU, model adaptations, and the specification and integration of dummy loads.

LABCAR systems can be used to run automated regression tests as well as for the validation of control and diagnostic functions in early phases of ECU development. LABCAR systems can also be used for ECU pre-calibration in a laboratory environment.

Proven Technology

Boards for generating and measuring ECU signals are accommodated within the system using proven LABCAR technology. Various boards have been redesigned for enhanced functionality.

High performance technical features ensure the versatility of the system. For example, the galvanic separation of the signal generation channels supports the exact simulation of an engine’s knock sensors, while the ECU can be accessed in real time.

Sophisticated software functions support the special requirements of the ECU development process, e.g., by providing efficient variant handling. The system’s interaction with LABCAR-AUTOMATION further simplifies its integration into complex process and tool landscapes.