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The “software-defined vehicle” of the future necessitates new means of software development and vehicle service integration. Software thus becomes an important added-value factor and distinguishing feature – one that can be developed and sold independently of the hardware. Yet the enormous opportunities that exist in terms of connectivity, automation, and personalization of the vehicle are countered by challenges such as the ever-dwindling development resources of automotive manufacturers and the costs associated with creating new development environments and IT infrastructures. Service providers who wish to develop and offer their own services are faced with problems such as high initial investment costs, lacking access to markets and users, or cost- and time-consuming customer management.

With PANTARIS, ETAS provides vehicle developers and service providers with a suitable infrastructure for creating, distributing, and marketing new software and services.

The ability to focus on core activities raises efficiency in the development process, while shared expenditure for the IT infrastructure, sales, and user service reduces costs and breaks down the entry barriers for new market participants. The worldwide availability of PANTARIS facilitates the global distribution of new software as well as the marketing of services. The marketplace is manufacturer-independent and is available to all providers and users of vehicle-related services.

Your superhighway to steer your ideas in the right direction

Webinar: Enabling automotive service business

Do you have an existing digital automotive service or a great idea to develop one? Are you searching for a service to optimize your daily business? Or are you just interested in learning how to enable an automotive service business?

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Laura Kürzel and Rico Renger will explain how ETAS is enabling automotive service business.

Webinar: Our superhighway from A to Z

Take a test drive and develop new automotive software solutions with PANTARIS

Are you looking for a platform that will simplify the development process in multiple ways? Do your ideas require an expert team in order to accomplish complex solutions? And what about launching your service with a wider range?  

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Laura and Hans will explain how PANTARIS enables automotive service developers to easily plan, build, code, and launch their innovative ideas. This webinar provides an A-to-Z introduction to PANTARIS and a live demo.

PANTARIS Collaborate for service users

With the cloud-based platform, vehicle developers gain access to highly efficient, digital and connected services. These can be individually compiled to suit different requirements, for example, to bring together virtual development teams and to enable central management and control of vehicles, equipment, and files. The services available in the marketplace thus offer diverse possibilities for optimizing typical processes in day-to-day business, for collaborative working in organizations and projects, and for the administration of licenses and acquired services.

Benefits of PANTARIS Collaborate

  • Extensive selection of services with a wide range of solutions

  • Web-based access via the central marketplace

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Seamless access to all services

  • Individual or group licenses available, thus enabling needs-based adaptation of services



PANTARIS Create for service provider and developer

PANTARIS Create simplifies the development, testing, release, and operation of automotive services. Among other things, the cloud-based platform features a preconfigured runtime development environment. Within this environment, the user is free to select the programming language and connectivity box employed thanks to the system architecture with docker containers. PANTARIS Create also includes a framework with defined rights, role, and user management, tools for testing the services and managing different software versions, as well as a marketplace on which services can made available, promoted, and distributed to customers.

Benefits of PANTARIS Create

  • Low entry barriers and minimal initial investments

  • Innovative IT architectures avoid lock-in effects and ensure compatibility

  • Immediately deployable runtime environments eliminate the need for own, resource-intensive infrastructures

  • The shared development environment ensures that the service developers can work together in real and virtual teams across different domains and function levels

  • Direct access to additional users and markets simplifies promotion activities and opens up potential synergies

  • Statistics functions ensure easier monitoring of costs and key performance indicators (KPIs)

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Benefits of joining our developer community

High degree of freedom

Thanks to the use of docker containers, you have the necessary freedom to use your favored programming language and your preferred connectivity device

Reduced development effort

We provide a framework with rights, role, and user management

High quality levels

We offer a secure and scalable infrastructure

Benefit from the existing platform

Build on the basic functionality and enjoy the support of our marketing activities

Availability of your application (service)

Choose between options such as “restricted” or “private” to define who is able to use your application (service)

Obtain advice and exchange ideas

Our development forum invites you to conduct open discussions with like-minded colleagues


Trends towards software-defined vehicles

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