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The cloud-based PANTARIS Create services from ETAS serve as a quick and simple means of creating, hosting, and operating own automotive software and services. Among other things, the scalable, user-friendly development environment comprises standardized interfaces (APIs), a developer portal, documentation, and a community forum. The PANTARIS Create services also enable user, rights, data protection, and vehicle management as well as communication between different services.

Realize data use-cases easily with PANTARIS Create

Data from different sources – such as from development (pre-SOP), from the field (post-SOP), and from production – usually exists in different formats. In this case, the data services from ETAS function as an integrator for collating the various data. Thanks to the standardized solutions, the data collected in individual vehicles or for entire fleets can be saved, managed, and made available, for example, for quick and simple integration into existing services or to support the development of new products. In addition, the data can be filtered according to different requirements and transmitted to a defined target system in the desired format.


Key benefits

High scalability

Flexible scalability allows developers to tailor the core services to their own needs and requirements. Everything from very simple to highly complex software solutions is developed and operated on a single platform.

High data security

State-of-the-art safety and security solutions ensure maximum data protection, thus allowing users of the development environment to focus on their core tasks.

High flexibility

Data can be processed and evaluated independently of its origin. The quality of the data rises without changing its quantity, thus simplifying the entire data management process.

High degree of added value

The integration of data creates added value since the strengths of different data sources can be combined in the development and optimization of services. The data services also open up potential for new services, the development and functionality of which requires a wide database.

High profitability

The simple, user-friendly operation and integrated components simplify the development, hosting, and operation of software and services. This saves time and costs throughout the entire product life cycle.

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Customer Story: A Data Integration challenge


To enable automated driving in the future, vehicles require highly detailed digital maps and must be able localize themselves within these maps with maximum precision. To ensure that these maps are always up to date, our customers and their solutions rely upon the swarm intelligence of numerous vehicle fleets, which supply the latest information from radar and video sensors along with vehicle movement data, thus allowing them to supplement common navigation maps with an additional layer. However, to implement this concept, the software development teams require access to these vehicle fleets as well as the gathered data points. Making these data points from the vehicle fleets available in the field for the customer solutions requires a scalable and flexible integration layer to the cloud systems of partner companies. A broad dataset needs to be collected and evaluated in order to increase the quality of the road signature. 


With its data services, ETAS provides a data pipeline that interconnects various cloud systems. This integration layer facilitates the fast, secure, and uniform exchange of data from different sources (e.g., third-party providers). The rapid connection of new, external data sources (cloud-to-cloud) gives software development teams the necessary flexibility when it comes to using and processing the data. This allows them to focus on the ongoing development of their services, thus maximizing the functionality and quality of these services. This is particularly important for the automated driving of the future, where the amount of qualified data that is available has a direct impact on the training capability of the artificial intelligence.

Main facts at a glance

The cloud interface serves as a central data collection point and connects various OEM backends with internal Bosch project and product developments.

ETAS data services offer straightforward access to third-party mobility data: via fully managed data pipelines and different data distribution channels.

A globally scalable data infrastructure also addresses the need for significant available transfer volumes, which are produced during highly automated driving.

Our PANTARIS Create services portfolio

Data integration

Data integration enables streaming, management, and collation of datasets via cloud-to-cloud transfer. This allows project partners such as automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to exchange datasets via various data channels and convert them into a compatible format so that they can be used for software and service development.

Data Insights

Focus on your data and business case, not your infrastructure management

Data Insights is a ready-to-use service that enables you to easily manage the entire life-cycle of your software-defined vehicle. It supports you to make your product more efficient, reduces service costs, and can be easily integrated in your existing system landscape.

With Data Insights, you can collect, process, and visualize your device data. It provides you an overview and insights into your present and historical data so analyzing your data becomes easy and efficient. Thanks to standardized interfaces, you can do so by using existing standard tools.

Application environment: managed runtime

Managed runtime provides the necessary infrastructure for developing and marketing digital mobility services, including support for developers and users of the services. The operation of the service management system, the definition and maintenance of management processes, as well as the incident, change, and problem management all follow the high internal standards of the Bosch Group, thus creating a solid basis for the development of software and services.

Application environment: service operations

The support management for the operation of services and software solutions is grouped in the ETAS service operations. Among other things, the services include a global service desk with 24/7 availability to provide first-level support as well as monitoring and second-level support. The service-provider merely needs to take care of the third-level support, for which PANTARIS from ETAS provides assistance in the form of a standard toolkit.

Service integration: user and rights management

The user and rights management of PANTARIS coordinates access to the cloud contents. The services include client-based access management, the authorization and granting of access rights for services both within and outside the cloud, as well as the possibility to combine different identity providers (IdP), for example, to optimize file management or provide project-specific access authorizations.

Trends towards software-defined vehicles

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