ESCRYPT Post quantum cryptography

There have been huge advances in quantum computing in recent years and the first computer capable of breaking today’s asymmetric cryptography may be here in less than ten years. Companies using asymmetric cryptography to secure products with long lifecycles need to start looking for secure alternatives now.

Are you post-quantum ready?

Asymmetric cryptography is now in widespread use, but algorithms that are secure today can still be broken by the quantum computers of tomorrow. Although a breakthrough in quantum computing might be some years away, companies need to prepare for the transition to quantum-secure systems in good time. Finding suitable post-quantum algorithms and migrating to quantum-secure systems can pose many challenges.

OEMs in particular need to think about post-quantum cryptography (PQC) solutions now if they want to avoid disruptions and comply with future standards and legislation applicable to automotive security (e.g., BSI, UNECE WP.29).

Watch the webinar recording Post-quantum cryptography in automotive.

ETAS’ post-quantum cryptography consulting service supports you in making a smooth transition to quantum-secure solutions.

We help you to understand the challenge, identify fields of action, and develop quantum-secure systems.

Our expertise

In addition to our proven expertise in developing secure automotive architectures, ETAS has gained extensive experience in PQC as a partner in FLOQI (full lifecycle post-quantum PKI) – a funded project that focuses on developing a post-quantum PKI for automotive use cases.

Leading you towards a post-quantum secure future – Overview of services

Guidance for management

  • We offer customer workshops that aim to raise awareness of the problems arising from the development of quantum computers
  • We give specific recommendations on points of action and prioritization, and help you establish a timeline
  • Analysis of the state-of-the-art regarding standardization activities for post-quantum algorithms

Specific technical quantum-safe solutions

  • Our post-quantum cryptography experts analyze specific systems (e.g. function or function clusters) that use asymmetric cryptography in order to identify the changes necessary for migration to post-quantum solutions, taking specific requirements into consideration
  • We design migration and transition solutions, e.g. for the PKI or key management

Integrating post-quantum solutions into E/E architectures

Our PQC experts analyze post-quantum algorithms with respect to

  • Key and signature sizes
  • Performance of signing and verifying algorithms
  • Memory consumption
  • Confidence in security of algorithms
  • Use case requirements

We compare resources of deployed ECUs with available benchmarks in order to identify suitable algorithms for different targets/use cases. We offer an analysis of adjacent IT systems (e.g. PKI, backend) with respect to the changes required for post-quantum security.