PT-LABCAR Engine ECU I/O is a LABCAR System building block which generates and measures signals for engine ECU testing. Additional boards may be added easily.

A typical PT-LABCAR system configuration is designed for testing ECUs that control up to 8-cylinder gasoline engines or up to 12-cylinder diesel engines (car or truck). The system can optionally be extended, e.g. for failure simulation or the integration with measurement and calibration tools. The system configuration may be adapted for other applications, such as testing transmission ECUs.

Functions at a Glance

The PT-LABCAR Engine ECU I/O component offers the following components:

  • Easy connectable to Connector and Breakout Box
  • Angle based signal generation (ES1335×1)
  • Angle based signal measurement (ES1336×1)
  • Digital I/O (ES1321×1)
  • Analog input (PB1651ADC×1))
  • Analog output (PB4350DAC×2)
  • Resistive signals (ES1385×1)
  • Lambda sensor simulation (PB1652LAMBDA.1)
  • Load simulation (ES1395×1)

Note: Technical Data and Technical Documentation for PB1652LAMBDA.1 and ES1395 are included in the PT-LABCAR User Guide