SCODE Software Products

The methods and software from the SCODE (System CO-DEsign) product family allow engineers, control systems technicians, and software developers to create model-based, structured, and easily understood solutions for ECU software that can be automatically verified.

SCODE – Software for describing and visualizing complex closed-loop control systems

The SCODE-ANALYZER and SCODE-CONGRA products provide support in the early phases of ECU software development. Even before the first line of code is written, the software checks to see that the closed-loop control system described is complete, deterministic, and predictable. Thanks to this early formal verification, the later development phases benefit from the use of SCODE products as well – fewer tests, for example, as the parameter values can be pre-calibrated very precisely.

SCODE products enable many ways to display information. As a result, other project members (e.g. other departments or decision-makers) can present their information in a way that reflects their wishes and meets their requirements. This facilitates targeted communication in heterogeneous teams. Thanks to Eclipse integration, the SCODE-ANALYZER and SCODE-CONGRA products can be seamlessly incorporated into existing development environments. The SCODE products also offer MATLAB®/Simulink® integration.


  • Detecting relationships among states and transitions in the closed-loop control system
  • Automatic check of the closed-loop control system for completeness, consistency, and predictability
  • Identifying errors or weaknesses in the system
  • Conducting sensitivity analyses for pre-calibration


  • Easy visualization and documentation of complex mathematical relationships
  • Major reduction in complexity
  • Automatic check of the closed-loop control system for completeness, consistency, and predictability
  • Simple integration into existing Eclipse-based development environments as well as integration with MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Reduces the amount of time and expense for tests and calibration