SCODE – Software tool for quality improvement, automation

Using the software tools of SCODE Workbench (System CO-DEsign), engineers, control systems technicians, and software developers, among others, can create model-based, structured, and easily understood solutions for ECU software that are then automatically verified.

SCODE Workbench – Modeling, analyzing, verifying, and implementing control systems

Simple, fast, safe

The SCODE workbench consists of the products SCODE-ANALYZER and SCODE-CONGRA. They provide support in the early phases of ECU software development. Even before the first line of code is written, the software checks to see that the control system described is complete, deterministic, and predictable. Thanks to this early formal verification, the later development phases benefit from the use of SCODE products as well – fewer tests, for example, as the parameter values can be pre-calibrated very precisely.

SCODE products allow different forms of presentation of the system relationships. As a result, other project members (e.g. other departments or decision-makers) can present their information in a way that reflects their wishes and meets their requirements. This facilitates targeted communication in heterogeneous teams.

Thanks to Eclipse integration, the SCODE-ANALYZER and SCODE-CONGRA products can be seamlessly incorporated into existing development environments. The SCODE products also offer MATLAB®/Simulink® integration.

Proven in use

Over the last few years SCODE has proven itself in a wide variety of applications. Read what real users have to say about SCODE:

High increase in efficiency

Fuel Cell - efficiently developed

“SCODE Workbench has brought us a very high increase in efficiency in the development of legacy software for classic powertrain. This is why we now use the tools right from the beginning, also for new projects such as the development of software for fuel cell ECUs. Any other, traditional development methodology is no longer an option for us."

Potential series error found

Powertrain - potential series error found

"We wanted to know how good SCODE Workbench really is, and we conducted a free workshop with ETAS using a production software. An already known production error was found with the tool - and in addition, a potential error that we had been unaware of until then."

License investment returned in a very short time

ADAS – license investment returned in a very short time

“Frontloading with SCODE Workbench saves us enormous costs in development. For example, with just one day saved in a test vehicle, we recover the license costs of SCODE Workbench for the year - and we have saved more than one day with SCODE..."

Area of application

  • Function development and control engineering
  • Software development for ECUs
  • Development of plant models for simulation
  • Description and simultaneously automatic verification of functional relationships
  • Automatic testing


  • 100 % coverage of the functional logic
  • Methodical approach to "waste disposal" in the software
  • Complex, nonlinear functions can be converted directly into ECU-suitable code
  • Automatic mathematical transformations
  • Evidence of functional correspondence between model and executable on the ECU


  • Saving of software size, runtime and memory consumption on the ECU
  • Reduce the number of calibration parameters
  • Speed up application
  • Run tests faster
  • Understand relationships faster
  • Shorter development times for control systems
  • Implement complex models quickly on the ECU
  • High level of functional safety according to ISO 26262, ASIL D

Examples from practice

Our customers have achieved significant successes with the SCODE Workbench:

  • Software reduced by up to 25 % lines of code
  • Application labels reduced by up to 25 %
  • Time spent on testing reduced several hundred hours
  • Critical errors found very early, even before they get into the software
  • Theoretical knowledge is readily accessible and not hidden in software implementation details