ESCRYPT Security design

"How can I protect my product against attacks? "

"How can I effectively secure my product data, product functions, and interfaces?"

"How do I strike the optimum balance between minimum cost and sufficient protection?"

Design secure products

The earlier you take IT security into account during product development, the easier it will be to incorporate it early on and avoid any potential vulnerabilities.

ETAS helps you develop an effective security design with an architecture that is tailored to your product. Together with your development team, we ensure that a sufficient level of security is maintained – including whenever changes are made to the product.

Embedded security design by professionals

Trust the experts

ETAS has been a successful player in embedded systems for many years now, and is well versed in the unique characteristics of embedded products, their special operating conditions, and tight cost constraints. Drawing on this broad experience as well as our experts’ skills in embedded security, we can develop the right security design for every use case.

Tailored to your embedded product

No two products are the same. That’s why ETAS tailors its security design precisely to your embedded product and its environment. To do so, we specify all necessary hardware and software security mechanisms, infrastructures, and processes in detail and test their effectiveness. You can rest assured that we will incur no extraneous costs and will set up the system to meet your unique security requirements.