ESCRYPT Security test consulting

"Which testing methods should I consider for my product and how do I use them?"

"Which components should I test?"

"When and how often should I perform the tests?"

"How much security testing is really needed?"

Consulting tailored to your needs

With increasing connectivity and automation, IT security functions have long become a critical business success factor. Security testing is one of the key components of a solid, holistic cybersecurity approach.

It uncovers exploitable flaws and vulnerabilities in the hardware or software implementation of a target and reduces safety, financial, operational, and legal risks.

Code review, penetration testing, fuzzing, automated vs. nonautomated, blackbox, greybox and whitebox – there are many approaches, tools and techniques to consider once it comes to identifying a suitable security testing method for a product. 

ESCRYPT security test consulting by ETAS supports you in understanding security testing better and finding the most appropriate testing strategy for your needs.

Security testing lifecycle

Test consulting benefits

Save time, money and resources with efficent security testing

The ESCRYPT security test consulting team supports you to find the best testing strategy for your product to avoid ineffective measures and unnecessary costs. 

Learn to understand and manage the complexity of security testing

ESCRYPT security test consulting assists you at the integration of security testing into the existing product development process (processes, work products, roles, etc.), gives recommendations of methods and tools and helps interpret the security testing results.

Become a security testing strategy expert

ESCRYPT security test consulting makes you familiar with all fitting security testing techniques and gives you all necessary background knowledge to define a sound testing strategy.