ESCRYPT security testing services

Test the security of your product – or someone else will do it for you

Embedded security solutions are always deployed where it is necessary to protect sensitive data from unwanted access. This means companies and users have to be able to trust in the reliability of their security solutions without exception.

ESCRYPT Security Testing Services offer professional testing by security experts. They detect potential vulnerabilities and identify concrete counteractions to minimize the risk of an attack. ESCRYPT Security Testing Services also boost the quality, credibility, and reliability of the tested IT products and services.

With professional automotive cyber security tests such as pentesting, fuzz testing, side channel attacks and vulnerability scanning, ETAS identifies potential cybersecurity risks for you and provides effective recommendations for action.


Professional tests by the security experts

Comprehensive equipment for all common types of attacks

With its state-of-the-art testing lab, ETAS is supremely equipped for addressing various hacking methods:

  • pen testing of hardware, software, or automotive networks
  • side-channel attacks
  • timing attacks
  • power analysis
  • and electromagnetic analysis

Years of experience and trustworthiness

For over a decade, ETAS has been conducting analyses for embedded security applications and is a valued partner of many OEMs, suppliers, and other industry players.

Broad testing expertise

The testing experts at ETAS all hold relevant university degrees and have been thoroughly trained in the application of the testing methods. Wide-ranging experience in industry and research projects rounds off their skill set.

Test results you can rely on

ETAS conducts its security tests according to internal testing and evaluation criteria, which ensure objectivity, reliability, and comparability around the world.

Security testing portfolio