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PANTARIS is your all-in-one service integration platform with all vehicle cloud services for increased efficiency along the complete mobility software and service life cycle. We’re making the best mobility software even better!

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Choose from our mobility services portfolio that gives software management and data-driven use cases what they need over the entire life cycle for software-defined vehicles

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The developer portal that makes it easier for you to develop, test, release, and operate mobility services

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Benefits at a glance


PANTARIS is an all-in-one cloud-agnostic solution with ready-to-use vehicle cloud services for increased efficiency along the entire life cycle of the vehicles.


Reduce time-to-market with PANTARIS’ well-constructed framework in a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure.

Fast and easy

Build upon basic functionalities, reduce complexity and development time, and accelerate the product launch with a fully integrated development environment and professional support.


In PANTARIS’ co-working cloud space, real and virtual teams across different domains and function levels collaborate efficiently.

As experts of mobility cloud services and business, we provide the essential services and tools such as a cloud-agnostic infrastructure for scalable deployment. We also provide the fundamental services to connect, manage, and operate vehicles in the cloud and over the entire life cycle.

This allows OEMs to focus on developing differentiating services. PANTARIS offers a large set of ready-to-use services to rapidly realize specific use cases.

Our cloud services and solutions are used in-series for various OEMs throughout the Europe, U.S., and China. Paired with the experience and expertise of cloud-agnostic deployments on prominent clouds such as Azure and AWS, our SaaS solutions give our customers the guidance they need.

The mobility sector is in full transition towards software-defined vehicles (SDVs), making software one of the strongest differentiating factors for OEMs. The development of connected autonomous and electrified vehicles is causing an almost exponential increase of on- and off-board functionalities. In this highly competitive market with old and new players, developers are facing a major challenge. The question is how to create innovative software and services efficiently and with the smallest number of innovation cycles to fulfill the rising customer needs and keep up with the competition. As modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and the number of SDV models requiring updates continues to grow, this task is getting more and more difficult. It shifts the attention of developers from innovative features to setting up and managing development and update environments. The lack of in-house experts and strong competition for IT talents is impeding a high innovation level – and is one of the reasons why OEMs need to strike a new path when it comes to collaboration, work culture, and digital workspaces.

ETAS therefore provides a cloud-based integration platform that tackles multiple challenges within vehicle software development: PANTARIS is the ready-to-use multitool for developers that provides all the required vehicle cloud services. It allows developers to focus on differentiating factors by minimizing efforts for setup and management. It provides an optimal working space where ideas can thrive without setbacks and delays from time-consuming tasks like programming generic non-differentiating features. PANTARIS further helps bring services to the customers in the shortest possible time by reducing manual efforts in update campaigns and rollouts and automating generic processes. This is made possible thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, standardization, interfaces, pre-existing components, and APIs, all of which are easy to use and support the latest automotive standards. This reduced complexity in service development not only increases speed and efficiency. It also attracts IT talents from various industries like the smartphone or entertainment sector.

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