Test Consulting and Engineering Services

Solutions for continuous integration and variant management for HiL and model configurations

Reducing Efforts – Increasing Quality

Embedded Software is driving innovation in the automotive industry. Yet, growing complexity in automotive embedded systems requires a huge number of efficient test procedures and multiple test environments. Today, the verification and validation of embedded systems can account for more than 50 percent of development costs.

The key question is: How to execute testing in the most efficient way, while assuring product quality?

Modern HiL systems are complex, making expert knowledge of how they work more and more important. What is more, the very complexity of these systems means they can no longer be managed without an efficient system of data management integrated into the customer’s tool chain. ETAS offers consulting and engineering services for the LABCAR systems, helping customers to set up and run a complete HiL solution.

Summary of the ETAS service portfolio

Customer-specific development services

  • HiL hardware components
  • HiL software components
  • Simulation models
  • Continuous integration solutions for HiL and model configurations
  • Variant management systems for HiL and model configurations

Customization and configuration

  • Closed-loop parameterization of the simulation models (Matlab®/Simulink®)

Resident engineering

  • Support during setup
  • Continuous updates and system maintenance

The ETAS service offer is available worldwide.

ETAS test management framework

More than tools

Developing tools for test & validation is a core strength at ETAS. With LABCAR for example, ETAS has established state-of-the-art HiL test systems. But testing is highly complex: Optimizing test and validation is a multi-dimensional challenge. The key to achieving results is not only having the right test system – but also the right people, processes, methods, and complete test framework.

The ETAS Test Consulting and Engineering Services portfolio is based on the company’s wealth of experience in test processes and tools. ETAS utilizes the global expertise of the Bosch Group in validating automotive electronic systems with regard to the powertrain, chassis, body, and E/E network integration.

Resident engineers are on site to help customers work more efficiently.