Trends towards software-defined vehicles

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The transition towards the Software-defined Vehicle (SDV) is in full swing. To set OEMs up for success, it is crucial for all players to understand the major trends involved in the transition from hardware to software-defined vehicles.

With this paper, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge and information about the challenges manufacturers face and the shifts in major trends areas to reach the fully developed SDV. The paper explains the steps that need to be taken to master this transition successfully and includes an exclusive guide for you to choose the right strategy for your development and business.


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Key takeaways:

  1. Learn about the shifts that impact the industry on its way to reaching the fully developed SDV
  2. Gain crucial knowledge about the steps that need to be taken to successfully transition towards the SDV
  3. Take a deep dive into the three major trend areas towards the SDV: from distributed to centralized, from manual to tool-driven, from closed-source to open-source
  4. Read how Chinese manufacturers challenge traditional OEMs’ and re-shuffle the cards in the global market
  5. Find out, how vehicle software is re-defined, what role standardization plays and which new players from consumer industries enter the market

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