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We offer regular training courses at our Alfreton site or can provide customised classes on-site.
We also host free Webinars to make it easier for customers to stay up to date with the latest ETAS and industry developments.

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Global Training Offers


This course is designed for software and function developers with a need for fast changes in ECU software with EHOOKS.



This course is designed for software -and function developers with a need for fast changes in ECU software with EHOOKS.


  • Basic concepts of software hooks and advantages in today’s software development
  • How to use EHOOKS
  • Possible types of hooks:

         - Hooked-Based-Bypass (HBB)
         - Service-Based-Bypass (SBB)
         - On-Target-Bypass (OTB)

  • Integration of EHOOKS in software development environments such as ASCET and Matlab / Simulink® (based on concrete examples)
  • Hints and tips on the effective usage of EHOOKS

Requirements:       Knowledge of PCs and MS Windows®
                                Basic knowledge of ASCET and Matlab/Simulink®

Course duration:  1 day


INCA-K (Compact Course)

This covers the essential functionality of the INCA product family (Database management, measurements, calibration, evaluation of measure files). The emphasis is on a "hands on" approach. Calibration experience is required.

INCA-K (Compact Course)
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INCA-K (Compact Seminar)


You wish to calibrate in the vehicle with INCA. Due to your experience of calibration, the emphasis of this course is the "hands-on" operation of INCA.


You will learn about the connection between the software and the hardware.

  • Two page concept, division in program and data.
  • ASAM MCD 2 MC and *.hex files.
  • Connection of additional hardware and configuration of the measurement channels.

You will become familiar with the INCA database through practical exercises.

  • Opening of the database and construction of the database structure.
  • Explanation of the database items Workspace, Project, and Experiment.
  • Creation of new projects in the INCA database.
  • Coupling of the workspace with a project and data sets.
  • Exporting and importing of database items.

You can adapt the measurement and calibration environment to your preference.

  • Variable selection and allocation of the measuring sample rate.
  • Measurement of additional calculated signals.
  • Variables displayed in various windows (configuration of variables).
  • Saving (and write protection) of the experiment environment.

You will carry out measurement and calibration tasks and save the data sets.

  • Matching of data sets between PC and ECU/ETK (Download, Upload, Flashing).
  • Recording of measurement variables in measure files.
  • Calibration of parameters, maps, and curves.
  • Saving and write protection of data sets.
  • Creation of *.hex-files.

Calibration data sets are managed with the Calibration Data Manager (CDM).

  • Documentation of the data sets.
  • Comparison and merge of calibration data.
  • Creation of exchange format (DCM- and CVX files).

The measure files are evaluated with the Measure Data Analyzer (MDA).

Requirements:      Knowledge of PCs and MS Windows®

Course duration:  2 days


This course allows you to test ASCET and MATLAB® / Simulink® models quickly in a real-time environment in the vehicle or on the test bench.



You wish to test ASCET and MATLAB® /Simulink® models quickly in a real-time environment in the vehicle or on the test bench.


  • You will learn the structure of INTECRIO and the interface to the supported modeling tools.
  • Using examples from Simulink® and ASCET models, you will carry out the necessary model adaptation and import these models into INTECRIO.
  • You will learn how to configure and integrate the models in the INTECRIO environment.
  • In addition to the software systems, you will build up a hardware configuration and connect it to the model being tested.
  • After the build process, you will have an executable program and can use it within the INTECRIO experiment environment.
  • Additionally, the various hardware interfaces will be mentioned, e.g., the ETK bypass.

Requirements:     Knowledge of PCs and MS Windows®, ASCET- and/or Simulink® knowledge

Course duration: 1 day